Arch window with stationary pleated sheers held in form by tasselled tie-backs.
Adds glamour to the room without impeding the architectural structure of the
Tear drop swags over a simple embroidered sheer over-looking a long meadow.
Stationary pleated sheers held in form by tasselled tie-backs add simple
sophistication to open concept room with an 18 foot ceiling.
Alternate view of sheer illustrates definition via the use of a dark stained
wooden hardware.
Sheer-view roller blinds (solar shades) enhance the décor of a room while
allowing privacy when needed and fade protection for other fabrics.
Traditional overlapping multi-layered swags with side panels and an under-
treatment of a sheer create a rich formal atmosphere.
Combination of vivid red velvet drapes and fabric laminated roller blinds with
patterned edge and tassels blends with the room décor while enhancing the view.
Window treatments create an open atmosphere and combines with room décor.
Alternate view of drapery panels and roller blinds.
Simple tailored box pleat valance is a wonderful addition on its own as seen in
the picture or over blinds.
Hobble Romans paired with drapery panels add extra texture and color to
Simple 2-inch faux wood blinds allow privacy and offers a modern look to the
Stationary goblet pleat drapery panels provide an elegant background for swags.
Alternate view of goblet pleated drapery panels and swags in a living room.
Drapery panels and an undertreatment of sheer are combined with wooden
Large window treatment of traditional overlapping swag and
undertreatment of sheer addresses the room as it decorates
the window.
Alternate use of box pleat design with 2-inch faux wood blinds.
Silk Empire swags and drapery panels that can be closed for privacy add
symmetry in this room while tassels add extra elegance.
A modern floral print window dressing that blends with a well
coordinated room.
Beautiful contemporary swags and sheers decorate window while
contrasting hardware enhances the hardwood floors.
Assymetric option to swags on side window.
Double pole swags in a traditional overlapping formation with
long side panels.
Soft silk euro-pleated drapes on pewter hardware over faux wood blinds.
Classic swag and jabot arrangement is naturally beautiful
over drapery panels and sheer treatment.
Custom shaped padded valance over large window with dramatic
tassels to pronounce the décor.
Box pleat valance over flat roman blinds.